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Advanced Healthcare Web Ring

Institute for Health Research

"To establish a central information resource center..."


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Adverse Event Reporting Facility

Advanced Healthcare Web Ring - AHWR

The Institute for Health Research is an exempt, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to establishing a central information resource for holistic, advanced therapy healthcare research.

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About the Institute

The Institute is proud to be a Founding Member of the Advanced Health Care Web Ring.

The Advanced Healthcare Wiki for alternative and advanced health care products and practices: - this is an expression of our Mission Goal to establish to establish a central information resource center.

Report a reaction:  As part of its Goals, the Institute has established a facility to help companies and practitioners conform to the Adverse Event Reporting Law, effective December 22, 2007.

Details: Adverse Event Reporting Facility:

Support Specific Research


Notable Findings -- Summaries of what we have learned from you.

We will publish Summaries of the Reports here. Some of the areas of interest are as follows (active hypertext indicates a Report, Research Paper or other publication to which you can link).

Addictions Food
Other controlled substances
Anti-Aging Anxiety, stress, depression
Arthritis Breathing difficulties
Cancer Chronic Fatigue
Dental issues Diabetes
Digestive Concerns Energy boosting
Eyesight issues Female related problems
Immune functions Mad Cow Disease
Male related problems Mind (Cognitive)
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD & ADD)
Dyslexia and learning disabilities
Lyme Resistant Pathogens
Muscle or bone issues Skin, eczema, acne, itch
Sleep disorders  




On Line Newsletters & Blogs

You will be able to link to our Online Newsletter here.

Ralph Fucetola JD's Health Freedom Blog

Postings of some interesting "third party" articles are here --

Mad Cow Disease by Dr. A. Van Beveren, Prions and Mad Cows

By Ralph Fucetola, JD -
Alternative Practices and the AMA Code of Ethics
Bio-energetic Nutrition
Practice of Alternatives
My experiences with Lyme


Holistic Ethics Declarations

 The Advanced Healthcare Web Ring is a new online community of advanced, alternative and complementary researchers, advocates, purveyors and practitioners. It is free to use, and as it grows, it will become a source of connections among people and companies.
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