COVID-19 Emergency Health Summit

Here is the link to the Health Summit Playlist:

Public Call for a COVID Health Summit

Date:    7 March 2020
To:       Concerned Health Freedom Advocates
Re:       Emergency Coronavirus Natural Health Summit

The Institute for Health Research, in collaboration with the Natural Solutions Foundation, Lost Arts Radio and a number of credentialed professionals hereby calls for an Emergency Coronavirus Health Summit, on the Internet, within the next few weeks.

Over the past several years natural health advocates have successfully sponsored various Health Summits featured on the Internet, bringing together credentialed experts to discuss health issues from a natural, holistic perspective.  Many of these events have reached large audiences.

For example, Natural Solutions Foundation, a nonprofit NGO – nongovernmental organization – established in 2004 by Rima E. Laibow MD and her late husband, US Army Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III, sponsored a series of Internet Summits, as Podcasts over YouTube during the past few years.  An example is the Foundation’s Fukushima Fifth Anniversary Summit (2016) which can be found here:

            The Institute for Health Research is an IRS-qualified, exempt NGO (founded in 1998) which conducts various programs aimed at bringing about research focused on natural and holistic approaches to health.  I have been the President of the Institute for the past 5 years.  More about the Institute here:  

We expect the Emergency Coronavirus Health Summit to address concerns of health care professionals, public safety professionals and the general public.

            Topics to be considered include:

  1. The History of Pandemics – from ancient times, through early modern plagues and the Great Flu Pandemic after WWI, to the Swine Flu and other recent plagues that never happened.
  2. The Sordid History of the COVID-19 Outbreak – starting in Wuhan, China:  “wet meat market?” or bioweapons lab release?
  3. Coronaviruses in General – Coronavirus and the common cold or the flu; the science of coronaviruses.
  4. Natural Approaches – Vitamin C, NAC, Nano Silver
  5. Hospital & Treatment Concerns – Containment at hospitals; quarantine or at-home self-shielding; prevention:  sanitation, nutrition and hygiene.
  6. Vaccination – US Coronavirus Patent; alleged vaccines; unavoidably unsafe
  7. Legal History of VaccinationJacobson v Massachusetts, Missouri v McNeely; the universal Right of Informed Consent.  My Informed Consent Brief:
  8. Health Options – How to handle the outbreak from a true Public Health, human rights and Constitutional perspective.  Can God-given rights and freedoms be suspended by declaring an emergency, including a public health emergency? 
  9. Law Enforcement – The critical role of County Sheriffs and other Constitutional LEO’s, military personnel and citizens, in the event of an attempt to override unalienable rights due to the health emergency.
  10. Summary Message – A concise, carefully crafted video and written message, directly to the President and other decision makers, summarizing the key points of all the presentations that are relevant to the decisions to be made; the potential harms of any potential vaccine should be addressed.

Presentations would be limited, as much as possible, to a half hour each.  It is proposed that the COVID Health Summit be widely publicized and that after the “live stream” podcasting of the various presentations an archived copy of the Summit be made available to the public online and as a CD.

            We would be pleased to consider other organizations as potential co-sponsors of the Summit.

            An information aggregation page has been set-up for COVID-19 news through Open Source Truth – at

The Emergency Summit will be archived as a YouTube Playlist, as the various presentations are recorded:

The Summit can be initially publicized through these web pages, the social media and the sponsoring organizations’ emailing lists.

Please help us reach out to potential presenters and sponsors so that we may rapidly move to implement this COVID Health Summit proposal. Let me know as soon as possible if you and your organizations will participate.

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph Fucetola JD
IHR President

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