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The Institute, an exempt non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1998, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with AMARANTH LIFE SCIENCES PHARMACEUTICAL, INC , a medical food formulation company headed by Dr. Walter Wolf.  The company specializes in formulations built around ethically harvested ovine placenta, nano gold, and other natural ingredients, carried by oils such as Sachi Inchi .

We are working with the Institute for Health Research’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), under its Chairperson, Robert Goodman PhD and the Clinical Trial Principle Investigator, Ab Boonswang, MD.

The “MEDICAL MANNA™ THRIVE MEDICAL FOOD FOR CLINICAL MANAGEMENT OF AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER (ASD)” Clinical Trial formulation is being offered to selected children and adults suffering from autism spectrum disorders as a medical food for the dietary management of their condition, supporting normal structure and function.

Our preliminary clinical experience strongly suggests that the Clinical Trial will be successful.

The Clinical Trial Protocol, with memoranda from the scientific staff and projected budget, are available for inspection at the Institute website; see below.

The Institute has initiated a Crowd Funding Program to accept donations to support the Clinical Trial.  Your donation receipt will be generated by the donation system.  You may use any credit or debit card to pay through this PayPal LINK. Please give generously.

Foundations or other grant-issuing organizations may contact the undersigned for procedures for grants, gifts and bequests. Donations, of whatever amount, will enable the Institute to provide the Medical Food for children and adults in need. 

 The Principle Investigator expects to publish the clinical trial Report upon completion of the trial in conformity with the IRB approved Clinical Trial Protocol.

Ralph Fucetola JD
President IHR

Here are the Clinical Trial Protocol Documents.

Clinical Trial Memo
Full Participant Package to Download
Institute President's ASD Memo
IRB Chairperson Memo
Dr. Ab's Memo
ASD Clinical Trial Protocol
Informed Consent Form
Clinical Trial Initial Budget