IHR Journal 2019

IHR Journal 2019 Edition

[12] Deuterium – The Alchemy of Water
Msgr. Prof. [Dr. of Med.] Charles McWilliams


Appreciable concentrations of deuterium laden water mixed in ordinary, drinking water have been found to be harmful to living organisms. Experiments for many years on cancer patients fed Deuterium depleted water have shown remarkable healing effects. Heavy water causes the metabolism to operate  at suboptimal rates, even reaching the point of biological death. Thus, deuterium (D2O) in ordinary tap and bottled water is an inherent poison we drink everyday.

Deuterium is part of nature. In water it is most concentrated around the equator and less concentrated in glacial water. We must delve into the nuclear physics and find out just what it is in this trace amount of heavy water that makes it part of the natural ageing process of biological life on Earth. From here we can learn also its rejuvenating and medicinal properties.

[13] Informed Consent 

Ralph Fucetola JD

This paper is reprinted from the Libertarian Scholars’ Conference. It was presented at the Conference at Kings College in New York City on 28 September 2019.

Scholars Conference


The first right is self-ownership. Each person has the sole right to determine what may happen to his or her own body.  No one’s body may be invaded without that person’s consent. Informed Consent is a fundamental human right protected against diminishment through legislative and administrative agency denial of philosophical or religious conscientious objections to medical interventions, including mandated vaccination.  Informed Consent is separate from statutory exemptions and may not be abolished by legislative act. The right to informed consent is meaningless without the right to refuse any medical intervention, including vaccination.
Government agents and those acting under color of law are forbidden by long-standing national and international law from coercing vaccination.
Informed Consent

Informed Consent Paper


[14] IOM Reviews of Vaccine Safety

Rima E. Laibow, MD and Ralph Fucetola JD

United States Institutes of Medicine (IOM) Reviews of Pediatric Vaccine Safety and Schedules Repeatedly Cite Lack of Scientific Basis for Positive Claims

ABSTRACT:  Advisory and mandatory vaccination programs and vaccination schedules are unsafe and unscientific and have been noted to be so for decades by Institute of Medicine (IOM), chartered by Congress in 1970 to serve as the leading independent (non-industry-funded) scientific and public policy agency of the United States government. Official government advice and pronouncements, research programs and mandates, however, are at odds with IOM’s review of safety and scientific evidence (or lack thereof) and routinely contradict IOM’s findings and cautions. Given the high regard with which US public policy and health recommendations are regarded, the impact of this disconnect is global and expensive in human and financial capital.

IOM Reviews of Vaccine Safety Paper