The Good Health Lawyer Heads To US Supreme Court

We have just received great news from Patricia Finn, Esq., The Good Health Lawyer

The Supreme Court is about to receive a Petition in her Vaccination Freedom case — this is very important.  This is the first time in a hundred years that we can get to the High Court.

While other, high profile, lawyers in New York have repeatedly failed to stop mass forced vaccination of children, Counsel Finn is succeeding*, but she needs our help.  It takes significant funding, beyond the capacity of the plaintiffs, to win in the High Court.

Remember: first the came for the children and now they are about to force an alleged COVID vaccine on adults.  


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Dear Clients and Supporters,

The good news today is we now have an opportunity, for the first time in over 100 years, to argue the lawfulness of mandatory vaccinations that withhold religious and medical exemptions for children, soldiers, health care workers and many others who are refusing forced vaccinations. This time we are taking the fight to the United States Supreme Court.

This July, I will be petitioning for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court for review of an important case Doe v Merck, that was dismissed in the lower court holding inter alia  there was no duty for the Court to review a vaccine mandate’s safety or efficacy under an exercise of the state’s police power.

However, there is a duty, a clear duty, and a clear right to legal relief. We need the Supreme Court to review Doe v Merck, and this is our chance. In 1905, in the landmark refusal case,  Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court held it was the duty of the Courts to adjudicate vaccination mandates on behalf of those affected, and further, there must be an epidemic that imperils society to mandate a vaccine.  See below NYS Law Journal Article, June 4, 2020.  I can prove no epidemic exists, and that the vaccination schedule is unsafe and ineffective in promoting public health.

You may recall last April in NYS, this firm proved there was no measles epidemic as claimed by public health officials in excluding non-vaccinated children from public places.  In Doe v Day, we obtained an injunction that prevented the County of Rockland from excluding non-vaccinated kids from public places under the Executive Order. ( ). This was a huge victory for our side. See Doe v Day. The Court found in Doe v Day, that 166 cases in a County of 330,000 people did not rise to a level of an epidemic. Using this same analysis, I can now legally prove no covid epidemic exists  using the government’s own data, the same way I proved no measles epidemic last year in Doe v Day.  It follows no epidemic then no vaccine mandate required.  We need a Court to rule on this issue, and now is our chance.  Also planned for this summer is an opportunity to challenge the safety of the school vaccination schedule in the matter of Schwartz v NYSDOH,  pending in New York State Supreme Court.  These cases represent  two new, unprecedented opportunities to argue your rights to refuse vaccinations.  This has never before been possible until now, and we need your financial support to get the job done.

There are four ways to make a donation:

1) paypal at for up to $2500;

2) amounts over $2500 can be mailed by check\money order to the below address;

3) larger amounts over $1000 can be paid to a 501c3 we have set up to accept your donations;

If you need further information, or wish to volunteer for our new campaign “Make America’s Kids Health Again”  just respond to this email, and we will get back to you on the next step.  Also be sure to listen to The Good Health Lawyer Radio Hour on WRCR 1700AM or every Monday, for the Live at Five Drive, 5pm est, to learn more about the work we are doing at the Finn Firm to protect your rights to refuse unwanted, unnecessary and unsafe vaccinations. I cannot promise an outcome to any of our legal efforts or cases, but so far in this last year, we have had two impressive wins in important cases bringing us closer and closer to securing your rights to refuse unwanted vaccinations. However, I can promise you this: I will do my best to protect your legal rights to refuse vaccinations, as I always have, for over twenty years working on this issue in federal and state courts. I can also promise you this: that without meaningful financial support we will not be able to continue the fight. Make a donation if you can, and share the good word with others! Thank you.

Patricia Finn,  Esq.
Patricia Finn Attorney, P.C.