An Institute Project: Crowd Funding the M-Powers Mosquito Pill
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Public health authorities are warning us about the Zika virus and other mosquito-carried diseases. 

I am president of the Institute for Health Research, a non-governmental organization founded in 1998. I practiced law for 36 years, becoming known as "the Vitamin Lawyer." I've gotten to know many of the pioneers in the natural health field, such as a certain German naturpath.

As a result of my career and encore career, powerful possibilities sometimes come to my attention. Right now, because the CDC has issued a travel warning calling for "enhanced preparation" for mosquito-carried pathogens, I think there is real potential for any natural nutrient product that helps make humans "less interesting" to mosquitoes. 

The researcher's formulation is both natural and effective. His US company is looking for a few angel investors or grant benefactors. As president of the Institute, I think it is important for products such as his to get into the market rapidly, so I am reaching out to you. 

The World Health Organization, WHO, during the Ebola emergency, reminded us that it is ethical to try even unproven remedies during an declared health emergency. With the coming of Zika and potential microcephalic birth defects to North America we are very likely to reach that declared emergency status in the United States during Summer, 2016. 

Please give generously through our Generocity  Crowd Funding web page (donations are deductible):

If you are a potential qualified angel investor or grant benefactor, and would like to learn more, please let me know at  

Yes, we are seeking immediate funding. For more details see the Rapid Deployment Plan here:  Rapid-Deployment-Plan.html

Very truly yours, 

Ralph Fucetola JD 

PS: Let me tell you a bit more about this researcher and naturpath who lives in a small town at the edge of the Black Forest, in south-western Germany. This scientist formulated, over a span of 40 years, hundreds of natural products, all of which have one thing in common: a total absence of chemical ingredients. One of these herbal combinations supports normal defenses that prevent mosquitoes from chosing you to sting (and another of his formulations can do what only Viagra was capable of doing, with one significant difference: no toxic chemicals involved and no side effects). 

Knowing of this naturpath’s life’s work that is predominantly dedicated to leading people away from pharmaceutical products that are fraught with unpleasant side effects, we wanted to bring his formulations to the attention of the American health market. That's why the Institute joined forces with the business development people at Winning Business Solutions ( and the inventor's American agent to seek angel financing or grants to develop his formulations. 

The mosquito defense product protects from that insect sucking blood from people and animals. When you get a mosquito sting the itch and swelling is caused by the insect when injecting its saliva which contains an anticoagulant to allow an easier flow of blood. With this anticoagulant diseases (in case the mosquito is the bearer of any of them) are transmitted. The product contains natural, homeopathic ingredients, free of any chemicals that are contained in the traditional repellents such as diethyltoluamide, also called DEET. It comes in the form of a pill that needs to be ingested 24 hours before expected exposure to the insects. Two pills every 24 hours provides the necessary protection. It supports your body's ability to be unpalatable to these stinging critters. And today, with so many mosquito-carried diseases, that's a very good thing. 

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Ralph Fucetola JD 
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