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Health Research Institute Introduces Mosquito Bite Protection Dietary Supplement


01 August 2016 - Newton, NJ: The Zika virus is an urgent matter of public interest. Public health authorities are warning us about the Zika virus and other mosquito-carried diseases. 

I am president of the Institute for Health Research, a non-governmental organization founded in 1998. I practiced law for 36 years, becoming known as "the Vitamin Lawyer." I've gotten to know many of the pioneers in the natural health field, such as a certain German researcher and formulator.

As a result of my career and encore career, powerful possibilities sometimes come to my attention. Right now, because the CDC has issued a travel warning calling for "enhanced preparation" for mosquito-carried pathogens, I think there is real potential for any natural nutrient product that helps make humans "less interesting" to mosquitoes. This formulation supports the body's ability to be unpalatable to these stinging critters. And today, with so many mosquito-carried diseases, that is a very good thing

The researcher's formulation is both natural and effective. His US associates are looking to bring this product to the US market; they would love to provide samples free to athletes at the Brazil Olympics. As president of the Institute, I think it is important for approaches such as this to get to the people who need protection rapidly, so I am reaching out to you to help us tell this story and let people know about our crowd funding efforts.

The World Health Organization, WHO, during the Ebola emergency, reminded us that it is ethical to try even unproven remedies during a declared health emergency. With the coming of Zika and potential microcephalic birth defects to North America we are very likely to reach that declared emergency status in the United States during Summer 2016. 

We need to get this information out widely. The product website is and the Institute site is  I would be happy to be interviewed. Please let me know if you can help us. The call for crowd funding for this project is here: zika-mosquito-bite-prevention-pill.html and the Rapid Deployment Plan is here: Rapid-Deployment-Plan.html

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