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Reclaiming Science: Preventing and Reversing Genomicide
Protecting the Future of Humanity
Institute for Health Research
Invitation for Participation from the
Office of the President

December 19-23, 2016 Mysore, India and World-Wide via Internet

Ho Hum! What do you know... another international conference sponsored by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Yes, but, this time, there's a big difference. This symposium, Reclaiming Science: Preventing and Reversing Genomicide, just might help save humanity.  In order to make the cutting edge, powerful information and solutions widely available, both attendees and presenters can choose to participate live or over the Internet.

Why Is This Meeting So Significant?

Corrupt bought-and-paid-for “science” has become a tool of both corporate and government agendas.  The results are cataclysmic for the visible environment and for the invisible genetic one. That environment is invisible except for the consequences of genetic and epigenetic disruption: rampant chronic, degenerative disease, rising infertility, falling longevity and decreasing intellectual capacity. This degradation and destruction is, quite literally, Genomicide and unless real science is reclaimed from its economic and policy captivity, unless active steps are taken to repair the large-scale, wide-spread damage to our genetic material, humanity may have both a dismal and a short future.

Rima E. Laibow, MD (Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation) has been honored by a request from the Indian Academy of Social Sciences to convene this special international symposium during its 40th Annual Congress in Mysore India from December 19-23, 2016 in conjunction with Mysore University. Important international NGOs are collaborating to produce a venue where truth-speaking will meet the globalist Genomicidal Agenda head-on.

There can be no doubt: we are at a momentous and perilous point in human history. What happens over the next few decades will set the genetic, political and cultural realities for generations to come, perhaps forever. Crony corporatist fusion with government control policies are based on both commercial and geo-political agendas in which the benefit is not to ordinary men and women and their families but to self-appointed oligarchs, “neo aristocrats”, as they like to call themselves, who fancy that they require only a small remnant of a docile and servile humanity to fulfill their needs.  The rest, and their genomic matrix, are slated for annihilation.

It is imperative to define the reality, assess the damage and propose meaningful, deployable solutions now, while we still have time and choices. We must be prepared and ready to respond, as humans always have, with innovative survival strategies. To understand our current situation and to develop solutions to the problems we all face, it is urgent that we reach out beyond usual academic resources, many of which have been thoroughly compromised by cronyism, to the valuable experiences of independent international experts and thoughtful, deeply informed laypeople.

Thus, the trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation[1] and the Institute for Health Research[2] were delighted and honored when the Indian Academy of Social Sciences[3] asked Rima Laibow, MD, to convene a 25 hour (over 5 days) International Symposium (December 19  - 23, 2016, Mysore, India and via Internet) addressing these issues in a solution-oriented manner.

Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.), the esteemed President of the Natural Solutions Foundation, coined the term:

 "Genomicide:  the degradation and destruction of the normal human genome, often accompanied by the illness or death of those bearing that genome.”

Genomicide is being accomplished through both intended and unintended consequences of unsafe modern technologies including drugs, vaccines, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, genetically modified foods and animals, geo engineering, rampant industrial pollution and more. These technologies, none of which has been sufficiently tested for safety, together result in the genetic modification of a vast number of humans, permanently altering the evolution of our species, and leaving a great many injured people along the way. Informed consent is, of course, totally absent, despite the protection such consent has under widespread international and national law.

We strongly assert that chronic illness and dementia are NOT the new norm for humanity. Through this Symposium, the Natural Solutions Foundation and Institute for Health Research continue their work to identify and seek meaningful solutions to the survival risks facing us all.

Serious matters. Twenty five hours of presentations by serious experts from across the globe. One issue: what has gone wrong? What is to be done? How do we do it, now?

We are bombarded daily by toxic technologies including nuclear power, agricultural and industrial toxins, drugs and vaccines and such wide-spread toxin induction systems as geo-engineering "chemtrailing”, mass scale GMO production, microwave bombardment and more. The resulting chronic health deterioration, expressed as myriad individually named conditions[4] has been identified by Dr. Rima as Genome Disruption Syndrome (GDS)[5].

According to Dr. Rima, “GDS is the prevailing and pervasive affliction of our era, whether expressed as, for example, the escalating incidence of cancer incidence either related to sites such as Fukushima or not or by the escalating number of birth defects in Brazil and elsewhere. Like autism, each named  disorder has its own causes, but under conditions of Genomicidal inputs, the “final common pathway of expression” results in previously unfamiliar disorders like autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are becoming horrifyingly familiar. It is important to realize that while the expression of any given health condition may appear to conform to familiar diagnostic schema, the cause of the condition, and its increasing prevalence, is the overwhelming and rapidly increasing burden of genetic assault which exceeds the corrective and adaptive capacity of the genome in dealing with challenges never before encountered in evolutionary history.”

 Reclaiming Science: Preventing and Reversing Genomicide Symposium has a single purpose: to identify and explore practical, deployable natural solutions to the ongoing Genomicide halting and reversing it.

The success of this symposium depends, like the solutions to Genomicide, on massive community effort.  That means that we need your participation:

1.       Spread the information widely to your circle of influence through your email, website, Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit and other social media channels by sharing my invitation and this link: www.EndGenomicideCongress.com.

2.       Read the Call for Papers and submit your proposal for presentation and publication here: www.EndGenomicideCongress.com.  We will be publishing all the presentations and a select group of other submitted papers.   

3.       Enter your email at www.DrRimaTruthReports.com to receive a complementary email subscription to the Natural Solutions Foundation Newsletter for updates on this important event.

4.       Mark your calendar and make arrangements to join us in person in beautiful Mysore, India or on line from December 19-23, 2016.  Those attending in person will have their hotel accommodation, airport transportation to and from their hotel, meals and special cultural events covered when they register for the Congress, which includes live attendance at the Symposium.

5.       Become a Personal or Corporate Sponsor of this important International Symposium. You will find the information on how to do that at www.EndGenomicideCongress.com.

6.       Prior to the Symposium, participants will receive a source book of background materials in preparation for this important event. Corporate and Individual Sponsors and Donors will receive the powerful Reclaiming Science Resource library including over thirty hours of podcast presentations and hundreds of pages of background information.

Natural Solutions Foundation has a history of major ground breaking teaching events on issues of massive impact and significance.*

We seek out fearless truth tellers with great depth of knowledge so that we can truly address the crises facing planet earth and its inhabitants. It is that wisdom that we will marshal through this International Symposium on Reclaiming Science: Preventing and Reversing Genomicide.

Our previous marathon events brought together astounding health and policy practitioners each bringing decades of experience to the table. For example, who better than Anglo-Indian Dr. Michael Innis, who practiced medicine in India for over a half century and saw a disorder now invisible to modern practitioners, which is the real cause of post-vaccine sudden infant death (vSIDs), to show us the connection between vaccine injuries and non-seaman's scurvy? Or the encyclopedic Dr. Viera Scheibner to relate the vast, and ignored, body of scientific literature documenting that vaccines are ineffective and dangerous? Or the tireless Mitsuhei Murata, “The Conscience of Fukushima”, former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, to bring forth the hidden realities of Fukushima’s devastation of the planet? Or our Keynote Speaker, the fearless Indian intellectual and social leader, Professor Dr. B. M. Hegde, a noted cardiologist who brings sense, sanity and skepticism to bio-medical approaches like drugs and vaccines that kill and weaken their recipients?

Frankly, the issue is nothing short of survival. If we are to survive, this documentation effort must lead to a clear declaration** and the will and willingness to implement a new direction for humanity rejecting the immoral, restrictive, de-population agenda which is what the global elites “offer” humanity as they implement the forces and factors which are destroying humanity.[6]

 A planetary collaboration of scientists, teachers and doers is needed -- a civic society alliance that can find the wisdom we all seek. We intend to further the forging of just such a planetary collaboration.

Join us electronically or in person at the Reclaiming Science: Preventing and Reversing Genomicide Symposium, Mysore, India, and electronically from December 19-23, 2016. 

See www.EndGenomicideCongress.com for more details.

The purpose of the Symposium is consistent with the Mission of the Foundation, to: “Discover, Develop, Demonstrate, Document and Disseminate Natural Solutions.

Yours in health and freedom,

Ralph Fucetola JD ...
Counsel Ralph

Ralph Fucetola, JD
President, Institute for Health Research
Trustee and Counsel, Natural Solutions Foundation

*Previous symposia include:

1.       Mayday! Vaccine Truth Marathon - May 2014 - 14 hours

2.       Fukushima Five Years Later - March. 2016 - 6 hours

3.       Shaken Baby Syndrome - February 2014 - 3.5 hours, English and Spanish

4.       Autism, An Inside Job - September 2013 - 4 hours, English and Spanish

5.       Vaccine Dangers Webinar - March 2016 - 4.5 hours, English and Spanish


** Since the start of the new Millennium, health freedom advocates have called upon civic society for support of basic human rights through a series of Declarations, found here:

·         The Santiago International Health Freedom Declaration – 2015

·         Long Beach Health Freedom Declaration, 2012


·         Tiburon Health Freedom Declaration, 2007


·          Wilton Health Freedom Declaration, 2002


[1] http://www.DrRimaTruthReports.com

[2] http://wwwInHeRe.org

[3] http://www.issaindia.in/

[4] Such as cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, arthritis, asthma, autism, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, microcephaly, diabetes, obesity, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, etc.

[5] http://www.GDS-Therapy.com

[6] http://drrimatruthreports.com/opposing-depopulation-agenda-21-agenda-1-reservation-of-rights/